Hatchery Control System

  • Industry :
    Application : Egg Incubation & Hatching
    Technical Highlights : Multiple Control Loops (Temperature, Humidity & Air Ventilation)
    Fan-Failure Detection Using Hall-Effect Current Sensors
    Large Monochrome Graphic Display
    Screen Driven Multiple Function Tactile Keys

Multi-Tube Vortexer

  • Industry :
    Hospital Laboratory
    Application : Chemical Cell Analysis, Mixing Suspensions and General Sample Agitation
    Technical Highlights : 24 / 48 VDC BLDC Motor Drive Using Hall Effect Sensors
    Accurate PID Based Speed Control (Up to 3000 RPM)
    Pulse Feature for Difficult Mixing Applications
    Rotary Encoder Switch for User Settings

Radio Remote Control

  • Industry :
    Heavy Engineering
    Application : Material Handling Using Cranes & Hoists
    Technical Highlights : 2-way RF Communication with 80 auto-tuned channels
    Intelligent interlocking algorithm ensuring Fail-Safe operation
    Power Saving algorithm for enhanced battery life
    PC-Tool for device configuration and customized I/O mapping

Temperature + Humidity Control System

  • Industry :
    Pharmaceutical and Health Care
    Application : Stability testing of medicines and drugs
    Technical Highlights : Multiple I/O System (4 AIs + 8 DIs + 2 AOs + 12 DOs)
    Real Time Data Recording of Process Values and Events
    Printer Interface and GSM interface
    PC connectivity with 21CFR Compliant Software

Control System for High Pressure Laboratory Reactors

  • Industry :
    Chemical and Bio-Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories
    Application : Pre-Production Pilot Batch Testing
    Technical Highlights : Linux Based 7-inch Touch Panel for User-Interface
    User-Configurable Multiple Reactor Control
    High Resolution High Speed Analog Channels for Multi-loop PID Control
    Integrated Flow-Rate measurement and Totalization

Field Expandable Process Data Recording System

  • Industry :
    Process Plant
    Application : Distributed Data-Collection and Centralized Recording
    Technical Highlights : 8/16 Channel Fully Universal Analog-Input Modules for Field Data Collection
    Centralized Off-Line Recording of upto 128 Channels with Back-up facility
    Record transfer to PC via Pen Drive
    PC based Advance Software for Data analysis and Report Generation

Cloud Based Data Monitoring of Cold Storage Chambers

  • Industry :
    Hospital and Food Industry
    Application : Wireless Remote Monitoring of distant Cold Storage Units
    Technical Highlights : Cellular Network (GPRS) or Internet (Ethernet) Based data transfer
    Cloud Based Central Monitoring/Recording Software
    Multi-User password protected data access
    SMS/Email Alerts on Critical Alarms

Brushless DC Motor Drive

  • Industry :
    Textile Industry
    Application : Yarn
    Technical Highlights : 310V /200Watt BLDC Motor Drive
    Hall-Effect Based Blocking Commutation
    Directly Driven through 230VAC Utility Power (In-Built AC-DC Convertor)
    Serial Port (RS-485) or Analog Interface for User-Interface

3-Phase AC Induction Motor Drive

  • Industry :
    Health Care and Bio Research
    Application : Centrifugation
    Technical Highlights : 1/8 to 1HP, 3 Phase AC-Induction Motor Drive
    Speed and Torque Control through Sine-Wave or Space-Vector Modulation
    Thermal Time Constant algorithm for protection against Over-heating
    User Programmable DC-Braking