Capabilities » Firmware Design

Microcontrollers: System Blocks

    8051 Architecture (Analog Devices, Texas, NXP, ATMEL, Silab, Asix, Maxim, etc)
    Arm Architecture (Analog Devices, Texas, NXP, ATMEL, etc)
    DSP (Analog Devices, Texas, Microchip, etc)
    PIC Microcontroller Series
    MSP Microcontroller Series

Sensors / Transmitters: Linearization & Scaling Techniques

    Linearization Techniques for Temperature Sensors (Look-up Table & Polynomials)
    Programmable Scaling & User Linearization for mA/mV/V inputs from Process Transmitters
    Software Calibration Techniques

Operator Interface: Display, Key/Touch Drivers

    7 Segment LED Displays
    Character LCD Modules
    Monochrome Graphic LCD Modules
    Color TFT Graphic Display
    Push-button, Tactile, Membrane Keys
    Resistive Touch Screens

Industrial Processes: Control & Alarm Algorithms

    Uni-/Bi-Directional Self-Tune PID
    Bump-less Auto/Manual Control Transfer
    Time-Proportional, On-Off & Pulsed On-Off
    Open/Close Loop Motorized Valve Control
    Cascade & Ratio Control
    Set-Point Generation for Ramp/Soak Profile
    High/Low/Deviation/Window Process Alarms

Battery Charging Algorithms

    Algorithms to Suit Variety of Battery Chemistry (Ni-cd, Ni-mH, Li-on, Lead-Acid, etc)
    Over-Drain & Over-Charging Protection
    Battery Over-heating Protection

AC/DC Motor Drive Algorithms

    3 Phase Sine Wave Modulation Control for AC Induction Motors
    3 Phase Space Vector Modulation Control for AC Induction Motors
    Field Oriented Control (Sensor-less) for AC Induction Motors
    Blocking Commutation Control for BLDC Motors
    PWM Base Speed Control of DC Motors
    Stepper Motor Control

Communication Protocols

    Master/Slave MODBUS over Serial (ASCII & RTU)
    Master/Slave MODBUS over TCP/IP (ASCII & RTU)
    Host/Device USB
    CAN Bus
    UART, I2C & SPI
    Zig-Bee Wireless

Device Interfaces

    Inkjet & Dot-Matrix Printers
    Thermal Printers
    GSM/GPRS Modules
    Barcode Scanners
    Biometric Access Device
    Pen-Drive (Memory Stick)
    Micro SD Memory Card