Capabilities » Hardware Design


  • Sensor/Transmitter Inputs

    Temperature Sensors: Thermocouples, RTDs, Thermistors, Semiconductor Sensors, etc.
    Process Transmitters with DC Voltage / Current Outputs
    Converters with AC Voltage / Current Outputs (Shunts, CTs, Hall-Effect Sensors, etc.)
    Resistive Bridges (Load Cells, Strain Gauges, etc.)
    High Impedance Sensors (like PH Electrodes)
  • Converters and Interfaces

    Analog to Digital Conversion (Sigma-Delta, Single/Dual Slope, SAR, Pulsar, Flash, etc.)
    Digital to Analog Conversion
    RMS to DC Conversion
    Capacitive/Resistive Touch Panel
  • Control / Retransmission Outputs

    Industry Standard 0/4-20 mA DC Output
    Industry Standard 0-5/10 VDC Output


  • Sensor Interface

    Contact Type Limit Switch, Float Switch, Push Button, Absolute/Incremental Rotary Encoder
    Non-Contact Type Inductive/Capacitive Proximity Sensors, Tacho Sensors, Hall Sensors, Optical Sensors
  • Converters and Interfaces

    Parallel Interface : Printer Interface defined by the IEEE 1284 interface specification
    Serial Interface : LVDS , HDMI type of interfaces for multimedia
  • Output Drives

    Voltage Pulse Output
    Relay / SSR Drive Output
    Open Collector/Drain Output


  • Wired Communication

    Duplex & Half-Duplex Serial RS485/RS422
    Serial RS232
    Ethernet / Wi-Fi
    USB (Host/Device/OTG)
  • Wireless Communication

    GSM (Quad Band)
    RF (433 MHz / 868 MHz / 2.4 GHz ISM Bands)


  • AC/DC Converters
    DC/DC Converters
    IGBT/MOSFET Drives
    Battery Chargers (Li-On, Ni-Cd, Ni-mH, Lead Acid, etc)

Motor Drives

  • AC Induction Motor Drive (VFD)
    DC Motor Drives
    BLDC Motor Drives
    Stepper Motor Drives

Protection and Isolation

  • Protection against ESD, EFT and Surges (Complying to IEC 61000-4-3/4/5 Standards)
    High Voltage, Over Current and Thermal Protection
    Isolated (Galvanic) Digital Inputs and Outputs
    Isolated (Galvanic) Analog Inputs and Outputs
    Isolated (Galvanic) Wired Communication
    Modern Isolation Technology like iCouplers to Ensure Power Saving & Long Product Life